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Vejledning til Standard af sikkerhedsaftale New Jersey

Vejledning til Standard af sikkerhedsaftale

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New Jersey  
Motor Vehicle Commission  
P.O. Box 017  
Trenton, NJ 08666-0017  
609-292-6500 ext. 5070  
Instructions for Default of Security Agreement  
To obtain a New Jersey certificate of ownership for a vehicle whose owner has defaulted  
on a security agreement, please follow the steps listed below:  
1. Upon seizure of the vehicle complete the Notice of Seizure (OS/SS-55), and return to this office  
immediately for filing.  
2. Notify the owner/debtor of the sale of the vehicle by mail. The customer should be given a reasonable  
length of time to redeem (approximately 10-14 days). A copy of this notice to the owner/debtor is  
required to be submitted to this office.  
3. After the time has expired, a public or private sale may be held. Application for Repossession  
Certificate of Ownership (OS/SS-57) must be executed at time of sale and returned to this office with:  
a. The original certificate of ownership. (If the title is unavailable, a duplicate title must be obtained. You  
may submit all documents, including those required for a duplicate title, to the below address and both  
transactions be processed simultaneously. The duplicate title fee is $60.00, and must be a separate  
check/money order. For more information regarding duplicate titles please visit our website at  
b. Power of Attorney or a notarized letter, on lienholder letterhead, is required granting authority to the  
individual signing the “Application for Repossession Title” form OS/SS-57.  
c. Photocopy of the original security agreement indicating the year, make, and complete vehicle  
identification number, name of the owner/debtor and signature.  
d. A copy of the Notice of Sale which is addressed to the owner/debtor.  
e. A $60.00 check/money order made payable to “NJ MVC” ($85 with lien), cash will not be accepted. To  
avoid an additional $25 penalty, all paperwork must be received within 10 days from the date of sale. If  
the applicant/new owner is a New Jersey licensed dealership, a $10.00 dealer check is required.  
f. The Bill of Sale from the auction to the New Jersey resident or New Jersey dealer.  
g. Licensed New Jersey dealers must stamp the OS/SS-57 with the completed ”Tax Satisfied” stamp.  
New Jersey residents are subject to state sales tax, if applicable, and must complete the tax box on  
the form OS/SS-57. Lienholder note exemption code 3D.  
Note: New Jersey does not issue titles to out-of-state residents, dealers, or lienholders (unless the  
repossessed vehicle is physically located in the State of New Jersey). You must present repossession  
paperwork to your home state. If you have any questions, please contact the above telephone number.  
NJ Motor Vehicle Commission  
Special Title/Repossession Unit  
225 E. State Street  
Mail required documents to:  
P.O. Box 017  
Trenton, New Jersey 08666-0017  
OS/SS-99 (R8/15)