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Formulaire UCR 2 Instructions Virginie

UCR 2 Instructions

Feuille d'instructions pour UCR 2

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Instruction Sheet for UCR-2 Form  
(NOTE: This form is provided to assist you in maintaining required information. Carriers may also submit the  
requested data in electronic format or in a printout attached to this form. Contact your state agency for  
acceptable data formats.)  
When do I need to use this form?  
If you obtained the vehicle count for the numbers you entered in Section 4 of the ____ UCR Registration  
Form from the number of vehicles you owned and operated for the 12-month period ending June 30,  
_____ (Option B), and your fleet count using this method places you in a bracket with a lower fee than if  
you had selected Option A on the 2018 UCR Registration Form, you must maintain a list of vehicles  
covered by your 2018 UCR registration and provide this information on Form UCR-2 to your base state  
upon request.  
Section 1. General Information  
Enter all identifying information for your company. The owner and DBA name should be identical to  
what is on file for your USDOT number (See Enter  
the principal place of business address that serves as your headquarters and where your operational  
records are maintained or can be made available.  
Section 2. Classification (Definitions)  
Motor carrier” means a person providing motor vehicle transportation for compensation.  
Motor private carrier” means a person who provides interstate transportation of property in order to  
support its primary line of business.  
Section 3. Vehicle List  
List the Make, Model/Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)/Number of Passengers, License Plate  
Number and State, and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of each vehicle you owned and operated for  
the 12-month period ending June 30, _____.  
If you need additional room you may use the continuation sheet on page 2 of the UCR-2 form. You may  
make additional copies of this continuation sheet as needed.  
Section 4. Certification  
The owner or an individual who has a power of attorney to sign on behalf of the owner or owners must  
sign this form. This certification indicates that the information is correct under penalty of perjury.