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Vermont Motorboat Tax & Title Application Instructions  
dmv.vermont.gov | 802.828.2000 | 888.99.VERMONT  
You must register if you  
1) have a motor attached and  
2) own and operate it in the state of Vermont, on the waters of this state unless you live out of state and your boat is  
already registered in your home state or your boat has a valid document issued by a federal agency (Vermont  
resident or non-resident).  
Note: Any watercraft (shuttlecraft) which is propelled by other powered watercraft, docked or attached to it must be  
registered as a motorboat in addition to the personal watercraft/PWC being registered.  
You may operate in Vermont for a period of 90 consecutive days if your home state grants like privileges to Vermont  
boats or your boat has a federally issued number. However, if you use your vessel in Vermont waters for 30 days or more  
you must obtain a vessel validation sticker. This validation of your out of state or federal registration will be in effect  
through December 31 each year. Use form VD-113 (Application for Vessel Validation) instead of this form.  
All persons born after January 1, 1974, must have successfully completed an approved boating safety education course to  
legally operate any motorized vessel (this includes personal watercraft). Persons required to have completed the course  
must carry his or her course certificate on board when operating a motorized vessel. No one under 12 years of age may  
legally operate any vessel powered by a motor of more than 6 horsepower, even if the person has successfully completed a  
boating safety education course. No one under 16 years of age may legally operate a personal watercraft, even if the  
person has successfully completed a boating safety education course.  
Vermont Title Requirements  
Vermont titles vessels that are 15 years old or newer, based on calendar year, with a length of 16 ft. or longer (including shuttlecraft).  
Example: from 1/1/2021 – 12/31/2024 Vermont will title all vessels with model year 2007 or newer, with a length of 16 ft. or longer.  
1. Any vessel which is a canoe, kayak, or similar watercraft designed to be manually propelled or such a vessel equipped with a  
motor of 10 horsepower or less.  
2. Any vessel regularly engaged in the interstate transportation of persons or property for which a currently effective certificate of  
title has been issued in another state.  
3. Any vessel owned by the United States Government, unless it is registered in this state.  
4. Any vessel owned by a manufacturer or dealer and held for sale.  
Titleable Motorboat  
Motorboat is new (not previously registered anywhere) the following documents are required:  
Original Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin  
Bill of Sale (all Bills of Sale must include the make, year, Hull Identification Number, purchase price, date and signature of  
Motorboat is used (has been titled previously) the following documents are required:  
The original (previous) Certificate of Title must be signed by all parties listed as owners on the face of the title. All liens must  
be released. Must submit death certificates and/or probate letters when owner(s) is/are deceased.  
Bill of Sale (all Bills of Sale must include the make, year, Hull Identification Number, purchase price, date and signature of  
Motorboat is used (not previously titled anywhere) the following documents are required:  
Original or certified copy of last Registration Certificate and all Bills of Sale thereafter  
Non Titleable Motorboat  
A Bill of Sale (from Seller to you describing the vessel by Hull Identification Number, make, year, date of sale, purchase  
price and Seller's signature, or  
Seller's signature in Section 5B, or  
Copy of out-of-state Registration Certificate in your name  
One (1) Year  
Two (2) Years  
Motorboat, Class A  
Motorboat, Class 1  
Motorboat, Class 2  
Motorboat, Class 3  
Replacement Registration  
Less Than 16 Feet in Length  
16 Feet or More but Less Than 26 Feet  
26 Feet or More but Less Than 40 Feet  
40 Feet and Over  
Use form VL-040  
Transfer to boat in same class or smaller  
Transfer to boat in larger class  
$6.00 plus difference in registration fee  
$22.00 plus $11.00 per lien  
Bennington County - Branch Office  
530 Main Street  
Orleans County - Branch Office  
100 Main Street  
Windsor County - Branch Office  
100 Mineral St Suite 103  
Monday – Friday (by appointment)  
Monday – Friday (by appointment)  
Monday – Friday (by appointment)  
South Burlington  
Windham County - Mobile Office  
AOT District #2 Office  
870 US Route 5  
Chittenden County - Branch Office  
4 Market Street  
Monday – Friday (by appointment)  
Rutland County - Branch Office  
101 State Place  
Monday – Friday (by appointment)  
Monday – Wednesday (by appointment)  
St. Albans  
White River Junction  
Addison Counte Office  
Court House  
Franklin County - Mobile Office  
27 Fisher Pond Rd  
Windsor County - Mobile Office  
226 Holiday Dr  
7 Mahady Drive  
Monday – Wed. (by appointment)  
Monday – Wed. (by appointment)  
Wednesday & Thursday (by appointment)  
Washington County - Main Office  
120 State Street  
St. Johnsbury  
Caledonia County - Mobile Office  
Green Mountain Mall  
1998 Memorial Drive  
Thursdays (by appointment)  
To schedule an appointment  
call 888-970-0357  
Monday – Friday (by appointment)  
Complete entire section. Indicate transaction type. Include Vermont registration number, if one exists. If previously  
registered in another jurisdiction enter registration number where indicated (Include 2 letter abbreviation of  
Homemade vessels require Statement of Origin (VD-027) and Assignment of HIN # (VT-003). All motorboats  
manufactured on or after 11/01/1972 must have a 12 to 17 digit Hull Identification Number.  
Complete owner/co-owner information section. Enter physical address if mailing address is PO Box. If name change is  
indicated, an original or certified copy of a marriage license/certificate, civil union certificate or court order clearly stating  
the new name, must accompany this form.  
You must indicate your choice for rights of survivorship which will apply when two owners are listed and one owner dies.  
Complete if you have a loan on this vessel. If Lien holder is an individual must include Vermont license number and Date  
of Birth. If there is a second lien holder, send details and additional lien holder fee.  
The name and address of the seller and date purchased is information required for new and transfer applications, even if  
the motorboat has been registered and titled to you out-of-state. The signature of seller is required if not obtained on the  
Certificate of Origin/Title or Bill of Sale.  
To be completed by dealers only.  
The first registration of a motorboat/personal watercraft (Jetski)/shuttlecraft in Vermont will be subject to the sales tax  
A purchase invoice is presented showing a sales tax of 6% or more paid to a dealer in any one of the 45 state  
jurisdictions imposing a sales tax. Alaska, Montana, Delaware, New Hampshire, and Oregon do not have Sales and  
Use tax.  
The applicant is a nonresident of Vermont and purchased the vessel in a state other than Vermont.  
The applicant is a nonresident of Vermont and purchased the vessel in Vermont; however, received title or  
possession or both in another state.  
The applicant is a nonresident of Vermont and submits a copy of a valid registration from his home state.  
The motorboat is acquired through a transfer to an individual, relative or not, for no payment.  
Any claim of exemption from sales tax other than outlined above must be approved by the Tax Department; call  
A visual verification of the hull identification number (serial number) of your vessel is required if the vessel is required to  
be titled and:  
Has a Salvage Title, or  
Is registered under bond, or  
Is imported from Canada without a Certificate of Origin or a new vessel information statement, or  
The title documentation is from another country, or  
Has a U.S. Government Certificate of Release of Motor Vehicle document.  
Verifications completed outside of Vermont must be by motor vehicle officials, or by those personnel authorized by that  
state to perform HIN verifications. Military personnel may have HIN verifications conducted by the Commanding Officer or  
Provost Marshal of the military base. Verifications performed out of state must be accompanied by a letter of identification  
of the verifier on official letterhead.  
Application must be signed and dated by owner(s). If signed by an authorized agent, proof of authorization, such as  
power of attorney, etc. must be submitted. Owner signature certifies liability insurance is in effect for this vehicle pursuant  
to 23 V.S.A. §202, §203 & §3829.  
The Motor Vehicle Department will assign the motorboat registration number unless a title-only application. The owner shall either paint the  
number on each side of the bow (front section) of the motorboat or purchase the numbers and attach them to each side of the bow. The  
registration numbers must be positioned and of a size so that they are clearly visible.  
VD-037i 02/2022 MTC