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Інструкції щодо форми 5498-ESA, Coverdell ESA Внесення інформації

Реп. 2024

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Department of the Treasury  
Internal Revenue Service  
Instructions for Form  
Coverdell ESA Contribution Information  
Section references are to the Internal Revenue Code  
unless otherwise noted.  
Contributions. You must report contributions, including  
rollover contributions, to any Coverdell ESA on Form  
5498-ESA. See the instructions under Box 1 and Box 2,  
later. If no reportable contributions were made for 2024,  
no return is required.  
For contributions made between January 1, 2025, and  
April 15, 2025, trustees and issuers should obtain the  
participant's designation of the year for which the  
contributions are made.  
Rollovers and transfers. Report on Form 5498-ESA  
all rollovers, including a direct trustee-to-trustee transfer  
from one Coverdell ESA to another Coverdell ESA. A  
rollover can be made from certain U.S. Savings Bonds or  
another Coverdell ESA. The contribution of a military  
death gratuity to a Coverdell ESA is a rollover contribution.  
Any amount distributed from a Coverdell ESA may be  
rolled over to another Coverdell ESA and is not taxable if it  
is paid no later than the 60th day after the date of such  
payment or distribution into another Coverdell ESA for the  
benefit of the same beneficiary or a member of the  
beneficiary's family who has not attained age 30 as of  
such date. The preceding sentence shall not apply to any  
payment or distribution if it applied to any prior payment or  
distribution during the 12-month period ending on the date  
of the payment or distribution.  
Future Developments  
For the latest information about developments related to  
Form 5498-ESA and its instructions, such as legislation  
enacted after they were published, go to IRS.gov/  
In addition to these specific instructions, you should also  
use the current General Instructions for Certain  
Information Returns. Those general instructions include  
information about the following topics.  
Who must file.  
When and where to file.  
Electronic reporting.  
Corrected and void returns.  
Statements to recipients.  
Taxpayer identification numbers (TINs).  
Backup withholding.  
Other general topics.  
or go to IRS.gov/Form5498ESA.  
Family member. Family members of the designated  
beneficiary include the beneficiary's spouse. Also  
included are the beneficiary's children, stepchildren, foster  
children, and their descendants; siblings and their  
children; parents, their siblings, and ancestors;  
Online fillable form. Due to the very low volume of  
paper Forms 5498-ESA received and processed by the  
IRS each year, this form has been converted to an online  
fillable format. You may fill out the form, found online at  
IRS.gov/Form5498ESA, and send Copy B to the recipient.  
For filing with the IRS, follow the applicable procedures if  
you are required to file electronically, or, for this form  
only, if you are qualified to file on paper, send in the  
black-and-white Copy A with Form 1096 that you print  
from the IRS website.  
stepparents; in-laws; the spouse of any of the foregoing;  
and any first cousin of the designated beneficiary.  
Total distribution, no contributions. Generally, if a total  
distribution was made from an account during the year  
and no contributions (including rollovers) were made for  
that year, you do not need to file Form 5498-ESA.  
Distributions. Report distributions from any Coverdell  
ESA on Form 1099-Q, Payments From Qualified  
Education Programs. Any change in the beneficiary of the  
Coverdell ESA is not treated as a distribution if the new  
beneficiary is a family member (see above) of the prior  
beneficiary and has not reached the age of 30 (except for  
a beneficiary with special needs).  
Statements to participants. If you are required to file  
Form 5498-ESA, you must furnish a statement to the  
beneficiary (participant) by April 30, 2025.  
Specific Instructions  
File Form 5498-ESA, Coverdell ESA Contribution  
Information, with the IRS for each person for whom you  
maintained any Coverdell education savings account  
(ESA) during 2024.  
A Coverdell ESA is a trust or custodial account created  
or organized in the United States exclusively for the  
purpose of paying the qualified education expenses of an  
individual who is the designated beneficiary of the trust or  
custodial account. The account must be designated as a  
Coverdell ESA at the time it is created or organized in  
order to be treated as a Coverdell ESA for tax purposes.  
The governing instrument creating the trust must meet the  
requirements of section 530(b)(1).  
For more information about the requirement to furnish  
statements to participants, see part M in the General  
Instructions for Certain Information Returns.  
Sep 13, 2023  
Cat. No. 34006Q  
Box 1. Contributions (Other Than Amounts in  
Box 2)  
Truncating beneficiary’s TIN on payee statements.  
Pursuant to Regulations section 301.6109-4, all filers of  
this form may truncate a beneficiary’s TIN (social security  
number (SSN), individual taxpayer identification number  
(ITIN), adoption taxpayer identification number (ATIN), or  
employer identification number (EIN)) on payee  
Enter contributions to a Coverdell ESA made from  
January 1, 2024, through April 15, 2025, designated for  
Do not include rollovers in box 1. Report rollovers in  
box 2.  
statements. Truncation is not allowed on any documents  
the filer files with the IRS. A trustee’s or issuer's TIN may  
not be truncated on any form. See part J in the General  
Instructions for Certain Information Returns.  
Box 2. Rollover Contributions  
Enter any rollover contributions (including a military death  
gratuity and trustee-to-trustee transfer) to this Coverdell  
ESA received by you during 2024 (see Rollovers and  
Transfers, earlier).  
Account number. The account number is required if you  
have multiple accounts for a recipient for whom you are  
filing more than one Form 5498-ESA. Additionally, the IRS  
encourages you to designate an account number for all  
Forms 5498-ESA that you file. See part L in the General  
Instructions for Certain Information Returns.  
Instructions for Form 5498-ESA (2024)